Thursday, October 1, 2009

Urban Permaculture and the right to the city / Urban Void

Here you can check out excerpts from one of the three acts that took place as part of "The Path":

An Invitation to participate

Urban Void/The Path/ For the right to the city, 2009.
The Urban Void group invites you to participate in an action defending public space and the right to the city through a proposal for uninterrupted passages cutting through the block where EMST is temporarily housed and through institutional properties in the center of Athens with the temporary inscription of a path.

Join us tonight (October 1st 2009) in this urban walk through this "path". During this exploration we will discover together what urban permaculture is -or could be- in the center of Athens and we will discuss about public space, participation and the future of cities...
Meeting point is the Evangelismos Metro at the Rizari exit at 7:00pm. Please be there at 6:45 since the action will start at 7:00 sharp!

This event is part of the Expanded Ecologies/ Perspectives in a Time of Emergency exhibition Duration: 11/6/2009-4/10/2009
curated by Daphne Vitali
The exhibition showcases work by 27 mostly Athens-based artists, architects and artist collectives who propose works for the outdoor public spaces of the Athens Conservatory. The exhibition is cast in the form of an open narrative that juxtaposes themes and approaches pertinent to the many-sided issue of ecology. It features sculptural and sound installations, in situ works, evening video projections, landscape interventions, participatory and community-based projects.

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