Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Thoughts on Permaculture2 at Pikermi

Permaculture2: Diagnosis, ideas and actions (Pikermi, 5/10)

Old and new friends took part in this event during which we had the chance to analyze the landscape and the place through the "glasses" of permaculture. Again, we left with the feeling that the event stood as an opportunity to open up new channels of thought and explore new approaches which will have to continue with the right methods at the right time. TREE wishes to thank Dina Kousouri for her hospitality, Elena Gogou for providing us with an excellent simultaneous translation and Mark Krawczyk for sharing his time and knowledge with us!

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  1. It was a most enriching experience for all of us present! Mark is an excellent teacher, who with an uncommon humility, broadened the scope of our vision for the land.