Monday, February 22, 2010

Climate Change, education and the everyday/ AKTO Amphitheater, 6:30 pm, 25th February

TREE opens 2010 and invites you to a round-table discussion that addresses the Copenhagen Summit on climate change as well as the people's movements related to climate change and climate justice and the future from now on:
What might be the link between an economic crisis and the climate change phenomenon?
How might everyday life contribute to the emergence of climate change, how is it affected by it and how might it harbor the answer?

Local communities need to boost their resilience towards climate change related threats and the educational component through an updating of content and curriculum can contribute by rising up to the challenges and efficiently addressing change.

Nikos Chrysogelos, Ecogreens party representative
Nicholas Anastasopoulos, Architect/ AKTO/ TREE
Nikiforos Plytas, MEDSOS representative on Climate Change and Energy
This event takes place at the AKTO amphitheater, 3 Kranaou street, Psirri at 6:30 pm, on Thursday 25th February and is going to be in greek.