Friday, October 30, 2009

TREE's new program first announcement

We live in a region that has its own peculiarities, unique landscapes and richness in natural beauty and cultural life but is at the same time quite vulnerable in present and future challenges. We feel that there is a great void in knowledge and dissemination of information regarding these facts and the ways that we may take advantage of them so as to achieve a better quality of life in harmony with the environment.
TREE therefore continues with a new program of events that explore the notion of the local through a variety of approaches that are both practical as well as theoretical.

We launch a cycle of events that belong to the larger theme of "the Mediterranean:
Place, climate, nature and gardens"
Relevant events are being prepared and will be announced shortly.

TREE takes the initiative to launch an experimental forum of discussion and action entitled
ViosimiNeaMakri” which stands for "Sustainable Nea Makri" focuses on the region of Nea Makri and attempts to act proactively in tackling issues that involve the Nea Makri greater area. This effort is being supported and will be jointly managed by ΔΥΝΑΜΗ ΠΟΛΙΤΩΝ ΝΕΑΣ ΜΑΚΡΗΣ TREE and SARCHA (School of Architecture for All) if interested in participating or for information write here

In January a public round table discussion being organized by TREE will take place using the upcoming COP15 UN climate change conference taking place in Copenhagen in December as an opportunity to examine what climate change means, how it impacts education and the everyday, what is the notion of resilience and how it may be cultivated in communities to better cope with what lies ahead.

Finally, one more theme involves the first workshop on home composting as an alternative approach to the discussion around consumerism, waste management and recycling at the source. The topic will be addressed both practically (with participant involvement) and theoretically in examining the practice of composting through various philosophical movements, religious beliefs and practices as well as an approach to life at large.

Full schedule and details to be announced soon.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Thoughts on Permaculture2 at Pikermi

Permaculture2: Diagnosis, ideas and actions (Pikermi, 5/10)

Old and new friends took part in this event during which we had the chance to analyze the landscape and the place through the "glasses" of permaculture. Again, we left with the feeling that the event stood as an opportunity to open up new channels of thought and explore new approaches which will have to continue with the right methods at the right time. TREE wishes to thank Dina Kousouri for her hospitality, Elena Gogou for providing us with an excellent simultaneous translation and Mark Krawczyk for sharing his time and knowledge with us!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Permaculture2: Diagnosis, ideas and actions, Monday 5/10

< -Earth Care<-->People care <--> Reinvest the surplus->

Once more (and for the last time!) after the Introduction to permaculture event at Nea Makri, we will have Mark Krawczyk with us and this will be a good opportunity to further discuss what was initiated on Sunday 27/9!

Pikermi is an area in Attica that used to be the vineyard and productive region for all of Attica. Here, we will attempt to read the landscape and the place together with Mark and we will attempt to formulate some initial diagnosis.
As we already know, proposals are not to be made before we acquire a deep understanding of the place, something that also requires a knowledge in time (allowing at least the four seasons full cycle observation). Nevertheless we will attempt to express thoughts and ideas. We will then have a group discussion that will lead to the option to break into smaller special interest groups and in the end the re-grouping of all participants.

As on Sunday, we ask everyone to bring something that they may have prepared themselves in order for us to share in closing the evening with a communal meal!


μμ Whoever has the option may join us for a walk through the area with Dina Koussouri as our guide.

μμ We all meet at the estate and together with Mark Krawczyk we discuss once again the principles of Permaculture while attempting to focus and get inspired by the land that hosts us tonight.
6:00-8:00μμ Group Discussion

8:30- Communal meal followed by whatever develops…so bring what you have made with care (needless to say you are welcome without bringing anything also, if you can’t prepare something this time...) Also, if you play a musical instrument-guitar, accordion, flute,etc-bring it along –your voice of course will also do!)
Directions in order to get there:

< -Earth Care<-->People care <--> Reinvest the surplus->

Urban Permaculture and the right to the city / Urban Void

Here you can check out excerpts from one of the three acts that took place as part of "The Path":

An Invitation to participate

Urban Void/The Path/ For the right to the city, 2009.
The Urban Void group invites you to participate in an action defending public space and the right to the city through a proposal for uninterrupted passages cutting through the block where EMST is temporarily housed and through institutional properties in the center of Athens with the temporary inscription of a path.

Join us tonight (October 1st 2009) in this urban walk through this "path". During this exploration we will discover together what urban permaculture is -or could be- in the center of Athens and we will discuss about public space, participation and the future of cities...
Meeting point is the Evangelismos Metro at the Rizari exit at 7:00pm. Please be there at 6:45 since the action will start at 7:00 sharp!

This event is part of the Expanded Ecologies/ Perspectives in a Time of Emergency exhibition Duration: 11/6/2009-4/10/2009
curated by Daphne Vitali
The exhibition showcases work by 27 mostly Athens-based artists, architects and artist collectives who propose works for the outdoor public spaces of the Athens Conservatory. The exhibition is cast in the form of an open narrative that juxtaposes themes and approaches pertinent to the many-sided issue of ecology. It features sculptural and sound installations, in situ works, evening video projections, landscape interventions, participatory and community-based projects.