Friday, October 30, 2009

TREE's new program first announcement

We live in a region that has its own peculiarities, unique landscapes and richness in natural beauty and cultural life but is at the same time quite vulnerable in present and future challenges. We feel that there is a great void in knowledge and dissemination of information regarding these facts and the ways that we may take advantage of them so as to achieve a better quality of life in harmony with the environment.
TREE therefore continues with a new program of events that explore the notion of the local through a variety of approaches that are both practical as well as theoretical.

We launch a cycle of events that belong to the larger theme of "the Mediterranean:
Place, climate, nature and gardens"
Relevant events are being prepared and will be announced shortly.

TREE takes the initiative to launch an experimental forum of discussion and action entitled
ViosimiNeaMakri” which stands for "Sustainable Nea Makri" focuses on the region of Nea Makri and attempts to act proactively in tackling issues that involve the Nea Makri greater area. This effort is being supported and will be jointly managed by ΔΥΝΑΜΗ ΠΟΛΙΤΩΝ ΝΕΑΣ ΜΑΚΡΗΣ TREE and SARCHA (School of Architecture for All) if interested in participating or for information write here

In January a public round table discussion being organized by TREE will take place using the upcoming COP15 UN climate change conference taking place in Copenhagen in December as an opportunity to examine what climate change means, how it impacts education and the everyday, what is the notion of resilience and how it may be cultivated in communities to better cope with what lies ahead.

Finally, one more theme involves the first workshop on home composting as an alternative approach to the discussion around consumerism, waste management and recycling at the source. The topic will be addressed both practically (with participant involvement) and theoretically in examining the practice of composting through various philosophical movements, religious beliefs and practices as well as an approach to life at large.

Full schedule and details to be announced soon.

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