Friday, December 11, 2009

TREE's brief initial report from the Copenhagen climate

Denmark after centuries of deforestation and transformation of its land into pastures has ended up with a completely altered landscape.Rivers have been diverted into straight lines and channeled into crop fields while many species of its fauna and flora have vanished forever.
Having said that, it also needs to be said that the Danes give lessons of sustainability these days to all of us on many other fronts. That includes renewable energy, urban mobility and transportation, strong social networks and good education. Today, a large percentage of citizens uses bicycles to move around town and much of the energy used is from renewable sources. These days, Copenhagen is host to the UN Climate Change Conference, an event of paramount significance for the future. People from everywhere are flocking in, including government officials, NGO representatives, activists and independent travelers.

Bella Center is the official headquarters where the COP15 proceedings are being held. Access is not easy to anyone without accreditation. The interesting meetings though take place at GDI, a sports center near the train station bustling with human energy. That's where NGOs and activists from all over the world hold meetings, conferences, exchange information and just generally network:
People's Climate Summit
On the other hand at Christiania, the independent community of Copenhagen, (for more on Christiania see it is where the Climate Bottom Meeting: Windows of Hope is held.
There, a different type of approach is being developed: it is we, the people that need to empower ourselves in order to achieve both social and climate change.

Several cultural parallel events take place. The '' Rethink contemporary art and climate change event comprises of Rethink Kakotopia at the Nicolaj Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center, the Den Frie Centre for Contemporary Art and the Danish Art Gallery, Rethink Relations and Rethink the Implicit the produces an interesting link on the topic and art.

The COP15 event has a great significance for the future as everything is at stake. Also it means something else for everyone.
At one event taking place at DGI the Klimaforum 09 Declaration was being prepared. This text was being put together by people from many countries(many of them indigenous people)attempting to incorporate the ramifications of history of more than two centuries into the current state of things. Tomorrow (12/12) is the big march with an official estimate of at least 50.000 people from 516 organizations.
Climate March at the climate summit 12-12

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