Saturday, December 26, 2009

So what do we do after the Copenhagen letdown? Meet the Transition Towns Movement

Climate change is a reality.
Copenhagen didn't bring the deal people all over the world hoped for. There's something to be said about the gap between what people want and what governments deliver.
The psychological "climate" after Copenhagen seems to be that of disappointment, pessimism and abandon. Yet, pessimism has never been a good ally.
There are already several other approaches to these issues in the world that may serve as examples. See how others see these issues through the "lenses" of the burgeoning transition towns movement:

Transition Towns
are communities found in several countries already that attempt to change their functions having in mind the looming oil depletion, the peak oil phenomenon, the energy crisis and climate change. They volontarily turn to renewable energy, cut down consumption, place emphasis on local food and local goods in order to increase resilience and work to foster community in order to boost self-reliance and individual and community robustness and health. This can be achieved through identifying specific targets and reaching them, targets that aim to re-introduce a simpler way of life, less dependence on fossil fuel and local production. Ia a sense, this movement is a direct descendant to the Permaculture principles and attempts to bring transformation within existing communities.

Transition Towns Movement

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