Monday, November 28, 2011

TREE announces its second workshop for young architects, students of architecture and related fields. 
(If you would like to browse TREE's past workshop for students you may visit this link). 

Emergence is a term used in philosophy, systems theory, science and art to signify the way that complex systems and patterns arise out of a multiplicity of relatively simple interactions. An emergency is a situation that poses an immediate risk to health, life, property or the environment.

Social & Community Sustainability, the workshop’s theme, allows associations that are relevant both to the physical and to the social aspects of sustainability, in other words both the framework we live in, buildings, streets, infrastructure as well as the people that produce, inhabit and use them. Another concept that is of much relevance at times such as ours is Resilience. This workshop will attempt to tie together and work with concepts of Sustainability, Emergence and Resilience in both physical and social frameworks. Practically, in an attempt to bridge theory and action [praxis], this workshop will involve an in depth immersion in the city’s life, provided through specific readings, invited speakers and nomadic visits at places that show signs of any of the three themes of emergence, resilience and sustainability. Our task will be to work with the physical and the social realities of such chosen places in the city, to analyze and propose realistic steps that will enhance and strengthen these attributes. The character of the workshop will engage spaces in the city such as Plato’s Academy, the neighbourhoods of Psiri and Kypseli and specific buildings of significance in these areas, such as Kafeneion, the Empros Theatre and the Kypseli market which we will examine under the light of emergence. Our methodology will involve artistic, scientific and empirical methods, presentations, fieldwork, specific contact and design methodologies and contact with the community.  
Full daily schedule and all details will be announced one week prior to the beginning of the workshop. The names of invited speakers and members of groups and networks will also be announced. 

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