Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Attention: Please consult the updated program which includes one more visit to a farm. In the context of the 1st Marathon Ecofestival we have arranged three visits to organic farms in the Marathon area during which, their owners will welcome visitors and will guide them through a tour of the crops.

These activities will provide farmers with the opportunity to explain to participants their methods of farming, their philosophy, their relationship with Marathon and local conditions, the difficulties they face and why according to them their effort is worthwhile. Visitors will thus have the chance to meet firsthand the people that are involved in organic farming through an exploration of the region and acquire knowledge as to where their food comes from!

Organized visits:

Tuesday 26/4 17:00-18:00
Visit to the Diamanti farm
produce, contact: 6985029725
Wednesday 27/4, 11:00-13:00
A visit to Favianos Rouggieris farm
Rizariou street, Rougieris organic farms, produce
Contact: 6932260653 favianosbio@yahoo.gr

Saturday 30/4, 11:00-13:00
A visit to Mina Phida’s farm 17:00-19:00
86, Aghias Marinas street/ produce, fruit, livestock
Contact: 6944834300

Saturday 30/4, 17:00-18:00
A visit to George Papatheodoropoulos’ farm
Rizariou street, produce
Contact: 6985075705 agroktimabio@gmail.com

How to get there:
If you live close you may choose to participate on a bike tour to the farms. We will all gather at the ORCC half an hour earlier. We will bike from the ORCC. Take your own bike or rent one from Nea Makri’s Kypris bike shop.
Προβολή n.makri
In case you plan to rent a bike, make a reservation early enough in order to not be disappointed.

If you plan to come by car, follow the instructions to be posted soon.

We promise an unforgettable experience from which you will learn alot and experience even more. Visits will combine with a discussion series, the program of which will be announced shortly. These talks will complement the knowledge you acquired. At the same time we hope that they will open up new perspectives for the relationship between organic farmers and consumers, local communities and the environment in Marathon.

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