Thursday, March 31, 2011

A taste from Sunday's event on "Crises, nature and local commuinities"

What might be the connection between a small village perched on a mountain slope that is known as Anavra in Greece and is located in the prefecture of Magnisia and Marathon? No one in particular.

The presentation of Anavra though as part of the proceedings of the event that took place on Sunday 27/3/2011 at the ORCC of the National Park of Schinias at Marathon which dealt with crises and sought positive examples and solutions, through its who told us the story, along with film screenings and the participation of the organic farmers at Marathon in the afternoon meant a lot for the audience.

People were inspired and applauded our honored guests Dimitri Tsoukalas and Mahi Karali who allowed us in the phenomenon of the village with no unemployment, high environmental standards and income known as Anavra

Where do these remarks lead us?

To the conclusion that in Greece, currently mired with several crises (economic, environmental and social to name a few) bright exceptions do exist! Besides, during the day event the presence of SARCHA, the friend non-profit organization that seeks solutions for the thorny issue of the Athens historic center made a difference.

The evening meeting between organic farmers, organizers and the audience was a preparatory stage for the Ecofestival being planned for the first time in Marathon!

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