Friday, May 7, 2010

Do we need Nature? Elements of sustainability in landscape design

Thomas Doxiadis

Architect, Landscape Architect Harvard University
F lecturer, Patras University

For the most part of the 20th century, man thought that he reigns over nature and subjects it to his desire. This attitude largely defined the ways we built cities, buildings and landscapes.
It’s been a few decades now that we began to understand how things are not really that simple. Man cannot survive without nature. Up to a point he acquires the role of being one main shaper of nature: what we think of as nature today has been largely shaped by man. In addition, it becomes clear that in order to survive we need to formulate a new, symbiotic relationship with nature, learning to collaborate with her.
Already since the 60’s this finding and all subsequent scientific developments have began to shape a new type of landscape architecture, followed by new types of urban planning as well as new types of building and architecture. Through realized examples as well as studies and proposals we will examine the possibilities of ecological landscape design in Greece.
The presentation will be followed by a rare walk through the grounds of the former American Base and the archaeological site of Brexiza and a discussion in-situ with experts that will discuss the ecological and historical significance of this damaged site.
Time and place:
11:00 am, Saturday, May 15th at the foyer of the Aliki movie theatre in the Athletic and Cultural Park of Nea Makri.

The meeting place for this public forum is the foyer of the Aliki movie theater (a component of the Athletic and Cultural center of Nea Makri) and is open to the public.

How to get there:

If coming by public transport (buses going to Marathon, Grammatiko and Ag. Marina all make stops there) the ex-military American base site is also a bus stop, so just notify that this is where you want to get off. From there the Aliki movie theater is a 5’ walk inside the Athletic and Cultural center of Nea Makri.
If coming by car from Marathon avenue driving towards Marathon, about 150 m after the Dionysos intersection and just after the fire station you need to slow down and turn right into the Athletic and Cultural center of Nea Makri. Park and walk to the movie theater.

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