Friday, May 15, 2009

"A tree comes to life" : An opening celebration

A tree comes to life!
28/04/2009 8:00 pm.

TREE (Take Responsibility for Environmental Efficiency) through its programs aims to mobilize and connect the mind, the heart and the hands… TREE’s mission includes the study of the manmade and natural environment and their intricate relationships. TREE seeks to raise awareness in topics that address the environment and lifestyles that affect the quality of life within the environment.

Among TREE’s goals are:

* To explore and promote altermative lifestyles and patterns of behavior that deal with the problems related to crises, either present and contemporary such as the financial crisis and the social and political crisis, or ongoing and long-term such as the energy crisis and the climate change.
* To promote environmental awareness and familiarity with ecological practices and life habits through education, thus attempting a reconciliation with the present and now.

Join us for a celebration of the TREE in the garden with wine and friends...

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