Friday, September 18, 2009

The workshop takes a walk in Brexiza 17/9

Herodes Atticus (Ἡρώδης ὁ Ἀττικός), also known by his Roman name, Lucius Vibullius Hipparchus Tiberius Claudius Atticus Herodes Marathonios (ca. 101-177) was a Greek rhetorician.
He was born in Marathon in Attica to a distinguished and fabulously wealthy family and besides traveling a lot, he became known as a benefactor erecting various monuments. Reminiscing his trips to Egypt and his recollections of the Nile Delta he had a temple dedicated to the Egyptian goddess Isis erected near his hometown.
So workshop participants wandered in the former american base which contains the ruins and is known as Brexiza to discover -in this 'black hole' that forms a significant part of the territory the workshop covered- treasures not only of history but also of a whole ecosystem surviving at the edges of human intervention in spite of abuse.

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